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How the Ham Mold Rack Became One Of Our Signature Products

In 2007 one of our customers asked us to come to their plant and redesign a Rack that was made by a company that was no longer in business.

Our Applications Engineer visited the site, measured and analyzed what the client needed. As a result, we then had the opportunity to begin providing this now signature product all across the United States.

The rack is called a Ham Mold Rack. It works by taking a Ham paste that is squeezed into a bag and then placed into a rectangle square mold. This mold is typically 4" * 4" * 36" to 48" long.

The molds are stacked into the rack usually 6 molds per row and 6 or 8 rows high. They are then pressed tight squeezing the liquid ham into shape.

The rack is then put into either a steam cooker or water cooker to cook the ham. When the ham is finished it is chilled in a blast chiller. Then is taken and sliced into sandwich meat.

This is one of our signature products and we make these for customers all over the US. One of our most well-known customers is Subway Restaurants across the US.

Smokehouse Engineer to the Rescue!

One of our customers from New York meet with us at our booth in the Meat Industry Trade Show to tell us about some difficulties they are having with their Smoke House. The cooling system was not working effectively to cool the product enough so that it would be ready for the cold rinse stage. As the product must be cooled to a specific temperature during the cold shower stage, this was an issue that needed a resolution.

They followed up with us about six months later and asked that we send one of our engineers to look at their Smokehouse system. After a thorough inspection, our experienced technician was able to locate the problem with their Smokehouse unit.

There was not enough spray nozzles spraying water in the Smokehouse. A few weeks later our engineer went back to New York after we shipped the material and equipment needed to upgrade their Smokehouse cold shower system.

We Tackle Any Job No Matter How Challenging!

We had a client who specializes in hot dog production with two automated cooking lines contact us. They were in need of assistance with cutting off the existing painted mild steel exhaust rings and then replace them with stainless steel rings.

The rings hold the two sections of exhaust duct together. The duct work is about 16" in diameter and about 10' long. It can be straight or have angles in it that direct it around trusses and other obstacles to the roof.

They also needed to replace all twelve of their blowers with new stainless steel blowers. These were two ovens side by side with 6 blowers per oven and 10 stacks per oven. Distance from top of oven to roof was about 20'.

Four to Five sections per stack meant we were replacing minimum of 80 rings per oven. Add in the extra stacks for fresh air and steam exhaust and we were over 100 rings per oven.

This job took us two visits; the first visit was to replace all 12 blowers and the rings on one oven, the second visit was to replace the rings on the second oven and then replace the rings on the roof. The roof was a challenge. This facility is in a location that the sun always shines and the wind always blows. In all the job took two trips, 7 days a trip with 4 guys working 12 hour shifts. We got it done expertly and have another satisfied client!

Simply Manufacturing, Offering Quality Replacement Parts Since 2000

Simply Manufacturing has in-house design capabilities and a fully vertically integrated factory that produces high quality equipment at very competitive prices. In addition to racks, screens, meat sticks, vats, bolo trucks and ham press towers we can also custom fabricate a wide range of equipment. We work exclusively in stainless steel using state of the art equipment.

Our OEM Replacements Parts are second to none. We offer exceptional quality Batch Equipment Replacement Parts, Smokehouse Replacement Parts, Alkar Continuous Line Parts, KSI Continuous Line Parts, RapidPak Parts, Product Trucks, Trees, Cages & Towers, Product Sticks, Casters & Wheels, Trolleys, Product Screens and Vats!

To download a copy of our OEM Parts catalog, please click here.

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