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Simply Manufacturing OEM Alkar Continuous Line Replacement Parts

Simply Manufacturing, Inc. ("SMI") is unrelated to Alkar-RapidPak, Inc. ("Alkar"). SMI products are not produced by,  associated with, or endorsed by Alkar. ALKAR® is a registered trademark of Alkar-RapidPak, Inc.

To download a copy of our OEM Parts catalog, please click here.

Table of Contents

Section 2 Smokehouse Replacement Parts
Section 3 Alkar Continuous Line Parts
Section 4 KSI Continuous Line Parts
Section 5 RapidPak Parts
Section 6 Product Trucks, Trees, Cages & Towers
Section 7 Product Sticks
Section 8 Casters & Wheels
Section 9 Trolleys
Section 10 Product Screens
Section 11 Vats

Alkar Continuous Line Parts

Smokehouse Chain, In-line

C2082 316SS

Fully assembled with carrier blocks for 6" centers. Also available in 4" centers.

Simply part # 1232
Alkar part # 83500
Inflatable, Nitrile, Door Gasket - Large

Carrier Block – Closed

Used on Inline continuous chain
Simply part # 1228
Alkar part #35253
Carrier Block – Closed

Carrier Block – Open

Used on Inline continuous chain
Simply part # 1229
Alkar part # 35145
Carrier Block – Open

Screw HHCS2-14 x 7/16

Used on Inline continuous chain
Simply part # 1230
Alkar part # 10498

Split Roller, Black Delrin

2 piece snap-on design
Simply part # 1251
Alkar part # 35496
Split Roller, Black Delrin

Link, Chain Carrier Half

Used on Inline continuous chain
Simply part # 1255
Alkar part #35564
Link, Chain Carrier Half

Link, Chain Carrier Master

Used on Inline continuous chain
Simply part # 1256
Alkar part # 35137
Link, Chain Carrier Master

Stick Return Chain

Simply part # 1240
Alkar part # 35559
Stick Return Chain

Chain, Serpentine 304 SS & 316 SS

#80, #100, & #120
Simply part # - Call for quote Serpentine Chain

Meat Stick, 61" 17-4 PH

Electro polished, used on Inline systems
Simply part # 1231
Alkar part # 75231
Meat Stick

Simply Manufacturing, Offering Quality Replacement Parts Since 2000

Simply Manufacturing has in-house design capabilities and a fully vertically integrated factory that produces high quality equipment at very competitive prices. In addition to racks, screens, meat sticks, vats, bolo trucks and ham press towers we can also custom fabricate a wide range of equipment. We work exclusively in stainless steel using state of the art equipment.

Our OEM Replacements Parts are second to none. We offer exceptional quality Batch Equipment Replacement Parts, Smokehouse Replacement Parts, Alkar Continuous Line Parts, KSI Continuous Line Parts, RapidPak Parts, Product Trucks, Trees, Cages & Towers, Product Sticks, Casters & Wheels, Trolleys, Product Screens and Vats!

To download a copy of our OEM Parts catalog, please click here.

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