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Simply Manufacturing had its origin in the year 2000, as a small weld and finish shop out of McFarland, WI. At first it was just two men doing contract manufacturing for Wolf Appliances. They didn't have sophisticated technology or a large investment backing, but they were known for quality craftsmanship and prompt work.

In 2000 when a young manager for Alkar-Rapidpak encountered a problem, a company they contracted with, was going out of business and was about to leave Alkar with a pile of unfinished work -- he called the people he knew could get it done for them.

This began a fruitful relationship between Alkar and Simply Manufacturing, and set the tone for Simply's dedication to customer service.

In 2003, Simply moved to a small site outside of Prairie du Sac WI, and added an electropolish room, bead-blast room, and resistance welder to our equipment. The next five years saw the addition of a hydraulic brake press, shear, and a 2000 watt laser. As we continued to integrate our capabilities and increase efficiency, our reputation as a quality manufacturer of meat processing accessories grew.

In 2006, the same manager from Alkar whose project was saved by Simply Manufacturing in 2000, approached the owner and purchased half of the company. With this new partnership, Simply Mfg. added a spare parts line for batch houses, smokehouses, and packaging equipment and began to sell our products directly to meat processors.

From 2006 onward Simply gradually expanded, acquiring new customers as we continued to refine our manufacturing processes.

In 2013 we moved to our current location at 1800 Prairie St., Prairie du Sac, WI and added a 4000 watt laser.

In 2014, we added pickling and passivation tanks to our electropolish room to augment our metal finishing capabilities, and in 2017 invested in two robotic welding arms. Currently, with one building holding all of our equipment under one roof, and investments in robotic technologies we are now able to streamline our fabrication and reduce time and material waste.

We now provide meat trucks, trees, screens, and cages to beef, pork, and poultry processors across the U.S. Additionally, Simply Manufacturing offers"

  • in-house finishing services to other metal shops
  • perform contract manufacturing for processing equipment fabricators
  • distributes spare parts for assembly lines throughout the meat, dairy, cheese and fish industries, and;
  • offer custom manufacturing for all things stainless.

A common thread runs through these myriad services: Simply, a dedication to go above and beyond the customer's expectations of service and execution, and to stand by the work which we do.

This value has remained with Simply throughout our existence as a company and continues to guide us today. Since the early days in McFarland, our workforce has increased, the site and technology have changed and the diversity of our products and services has multiplied, but we still come to work to make a high-quality product that works well for our customers.

It's not a complicated idea, but dedication to its execution is what makes Simply Manufacturing stand out.
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